Over two decades ago, the tradition of the Small Fry Tractor Pull was started at the Genesee County Fair. The contest is nearly identical to a large tractor pull, except on a smaller scale using pedal tractors. The object is to pedal a small model tractor with a replica pulling sled hooked to it, down a marked track. The contestant that pulls farthest down the track in his/her weight class wins. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in all weight categories. It is always interesting to watch a family of kids start out in the lightest weight class and grow up as a participant throughout all the classes over the years. The Small Fry Tractor Pull will be held:

12:30p.m. on Wednesday July 28th

3:30p.m. on Friday July 30th

3:30p.m. on Saturday July 31st

We look forward to seeing you there!